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The Biggest Loser 9 – Offers Second Chance

I just saw a preview for Biggest Loser premiering September 15th. They’re having a second chance edition, which will include Daniel from last season. Daniel was one of the most heartbreaking contestants, because he was so obese (450 pounds) at such a young age (19). He was sent home after 4 short weeks, but still managed to lose over 100 pounds before the finale.

Daniel Biggest Loser

He still has a long way to go though and he’s getting a second chance to work out with Bob Harper or Jillian Michaels.

Appearing on the show is a dream come true for many desperate dieters.

Open calls for are happening all over America in August. In Nebraska, more than 300 people lined up for the chance to pitch their case to a “Biggest Loser” casting director, undeterred by the extremely high odds of being selected. Those who try out for the show may see it as a last chance to live a long and healthy life.   Many have struggled with obesity all their lives, attempted diets, taken pills or even undergone weight loss surgery with little or no long term success.

Ron arrived on campus weighing 430 pounds. He battled his weight his entire life, weighing over 200 pounds at just nine years old, and has yo-yo dieted to almost 500 pounds as an adult. Ron underwent gastric bypass surgery, but still couldn’t lose the weight on his own. Ron participated in the show last season with his son Mike. I was hoping the producers would give Mike’s brother, Max, an opportunity to be on the show.

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