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The Biggest Loser 9 – Offers Second Chance

I just saw a preview for Biggest Loser premiering September 15th. They’re having a second chance edition, which will include Daniel from last season. Daniel was one of the most heartbreaking contestants, because he was so obese (450 pounds) at such a young age (19). He was sent home after 4 short weeks, but still managed to lose over 100 pounds before the finale.

Daniel Biggest Loser

He still has a long way to go though and he’s getting a second chance to work out with Bob Harper or Jillian Michaels.

Appearing on the show is a dream come true for many desperate dieters.

Open calls for are happening all over America in August. In Nebraska, more than 300 people lined up for the chance to pitch their case to a “Biggest Loser” casting director, undeterred by the extremely high odds of being selected. Those who try out for the show may see it as a last chance to live a long and healthy life.   Many have struggled with obesity all their lives, attempted diets, taken pills or even undergone weight loss surgery with little or no long term success.

Ron arrived on campus weighing 430 pounds. He battled his weight his entire life, weighing over 200 pounds at just nine years old, and has yo-yo dieted to almost 500 pounds as an adult. Ron underwent gastric bypass surgery, but still couldn’t lose the weight on his own. Ron participated in the show last season with his son Mike. I was hoping the producers would give Mike’s brother, Max, an opportunity to be on the show.

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Reality Wrap Up – 26SEP08

It was a big week in reality world.  Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency was as crazy as ever.  Last week we got a hint that Polina Tretiakova may be bulimic.  If being stick thin and stashing empty cheesecake boxes under your bed is any indication.  Brian Kehoe offered Crystal Truehart his diet advice.  “Go blow some coke.” Janice was so pissed she had him removed from the house and the agency.  He didn’t get back in her good graces when he popped in at the TINTe photo shoot and later at the house.  Even his ex crush, Traci Moslenko, wasn’t missing his nonsense in the house.  She’s too busy busting Xian’s and Chandler’s romance to Janice.  Traci found a love note from Xian to Chandler and slipped it under Janice’s door. Janice is worried about Xian getting hurt by the affair.  They have a girl talk and Xian shares how hard it was growing up gorgeous, a complaint Janice appearently relates to, saying models are perfection so it’s hard to relate to ordinary people.  Oh WHAAAAAA.

Kehoe drops in on photo shoot to talk to Janice

Kehoe drops in on photo shoot to talk to Janice

Sorin keeps Kehoe at the door

Sorin keeps Kehoe at the door

Traci, Paul and Payton at Ed Hardy photo shoot

Traci, Paul and Payton at Ed Hardy photo shoot


Biggest Loser contestants experienced the dreaded week two, which is notorious for weight loss plateaus.  Undeterred, Coleen and her dad Jerry risked it all by bidding they could lose 2.4% of their starting weight (14 pounds).  If the succeeded, they would win $10,000, but if they failed, they would automatically fall below the yellow line.  Coleen did her part, losing a whopping 6 pounds.  The girl earned it though because she had to compete by herself in a reward challenge.  The players would slide down a hill and then have to sprint back up in the allotted time.  Since Jerry had to sit out, Coleen didn’t get a break, completing every round for her team. She went 16 rounds before she gave up.  Ed and Heba won the challenge and got a phone call from home. They also got to pick another pair to receive a call and they chose Amy and Phil.  In the end,Coleen and Jerry only lost 11 pounds, but they were better off then Joe and LT.  LT actually gained 3 pounds so it was the perfect opportunity to send the Grey Team back to Boston.

Sprint and Slide reward challenge

Sprint and Slide reward challenge

Tom and LT are NOT the Biggest Losers

Tom and LT are NOT the Biggest Losers


Project Runway is down to 6 designers and they’re asked to take on the toughest client yet – each other.  Not only that, the design has to reflect a specific music genre.  Korto wasn’t thrilled when she learned she’d have to design menswear for Suede, plus she had to make it punk. She was even less happy when she found out her outfit would be country.  The one who really missed the mark was Kenley designing for Leanne.  She was supposed to create a hip hop look and ended up with soccer mom in hoops.  Not only was her outfit ugly, but her attitude was too. She got really defensive with Tim and the judges.  Suede was booted, but I think it was due to his annoying habit of referring to himself in the third person, rather than his rock and roll design.  The best part of the show of seeing LL Cool J drop in as a guest judge.  


Suede designed rock and roll outfit for Jerell

Suede designed rock and roll outfit for Jerell


Survivor Gabon premiered with a two hour episode and double eviction.  The contestants were split into two tribes: Fang and Kato.  So far, Fang is the serious underdog, losing three out of three challenges and failing to find a leader.  During the first tribal council, GC (Golden Child) was railroaded into taking the title of leader, but he quit by the next day.  No one was willing to step in to the void, even after they lost two more challenges.  The first player to be eliminated was Michelle, due to her negative, whining attitude.  Gillian, on the flip side, was the tribe’s cheerleader, but she couldn’t keep up in the challenges so she was eliminated next. 


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Reality TV Wrap Up 18APR08

Biggest Loser had a big finale and the first female winner.  The contestants looked amazing.  Especially Bernie, Brittany, Ali and Kelly. Roger, Mark and Dan all looked about the same as when they left campus.  They lost a lot of weight, but it just wasn’t as dramatic as the others.  I was so impressed with Kelly throughout the show. She was an underdog throughout the competition and she made it to the end.  Paul didn’t show up due to illness.


Big Brother – Sheila won HOH (well, sort of) and she was able to pull of her objective of ousting Natalie (well, sort of) thus securing her place in the final three (well, you know). The boys, Ryan and Adam had plans of their own. They called out Natalie in a house meeting, forcing her to choose a side once and for all. Since only the boys were voting she naturally declared her allegiance to them.  Then they split the vote and let Sheila do the dirty work.  Ryan won HOH and stayed true to his buddy Adam, nominating Sharon and Sheila.


American Idol had a diva-licious night with Mariah Carey mentoring the young wannabe’s.  The best line of the night was Paula declaring Mariah can be proud of the legacy she’s left for all the young singers coming up.  I don’t think Mariah realized she was an older singer yet. David Cook received a standing O from Randy. David Archuleta and Jason Castro also had strong nights.  As usual, Simon was particularly tuff on Carly Smithson. He softened the blows when he explained it was tough love.  Kristy Lee Cook was booted, but I’m sure she’ll have a brilliant career in Branson.


Survivor is always unpredictable and this week proved it once again. Jason bargained away an opportunity for individual immunity when he was offered sweets, pizza and beer for himself and the tribe.  Despite everyone’s promise to keep him another week, Ozzy, Amanda, James and Erik had every intention of voting him off the island.  Instead, Cirie turned things around and made a play to pull out Ozzy’s immunity idol.  Ozzy was too comfortable with his tribe and didn’t play the idol. He was voted out.  James is finally off the hook as the dumbest player in history.  They’re at least tied.

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Reality Wrap Up 11APR08


Biggest Loser is nearing the end. There are just four contestants remaining: Roger, Mark, Ali and Kelly.  Usually the final four have one more elimination before they go home and starve themselves in anticipation of the final weigh in. This year, America will decide who is eliminated.  Roger and Mark fell below the yellow line, so they’re in jeopardy.  This week had the biggest weight loss numbers since the beginning of the show, and both Roger and Ali broke show records.  Roger has lost the most weight on campus (beating out Neal by 1 pound) and Ali has lost the most weight of any female competitor while on campus.  I can hardly wait for the finale Tuesday night.  It is jaw dropping to see the players return; they’re barely recognizable.  I’m rooting for Kelly, just because she’s been the underdog the entire season.


Big Brother 9 – Adam won HOH after Joshuah’s eviction.  Natalie and Ryan were jumping for joy because they have another shot at getting rid of James.  James is cracking under the stress and isolation. He breaks down and cries a few times, including a heart wrenching plea to Adam.  James begs for a chance to redeem himself, and Adam gives it to him. Sharon and Sheila go up on the block, which pisses everyone off.  Adam wonders if he did the wrong thing, but it’s too late to do anything about it.  Ryan won the POV and Sharon off the block, so James went up anyway.  He was evicted.  We finally got a chance to see Matt, Chelsia and Joshuah in sequester.  I hope they show James’ arrival Sunday night.  Chelsia is going to have a fit.  The HOH competition is an endurance challenge, so we won’t know who won until Sunday. 


(Spoiler Alert – Sheila won HOH so it’s anyone’s guess who she’ll put up.)


American Idol –The contestants had to selection songs that inspired them and they had surprisingly uninspired performances.  Jason Castro, David Archuleta and Syesha Mercado had strong performances, but the rest were just so so.  Maybe everyone was stressed and overworked because they had to perform for American Idol gives back too.  Michael John’s was eliminated, to a chorus of boos from the audience.  I personally think the ascot was his undoing. 


Survivor – The tribes merge and the men compare who has the biggest….stick.  Ozzy planted a fake immunity idol which Jason took for real. When it looked like Eliza was going to be voted out, he offered her the idol.  They planned to blindside Ozzy at tribal council, but things didn’t quite work out.  Eliza realized right away that the idol was a fake.  It was too late for her to save herself, but she played the idol so she could call Ozzy out at tribal council.  This was one of the funniest episodes EVER!


Beauty and the Geek – I haven’t watched the episode yet, but I did find a great recap @  Looks like we’ll get to see more of Gaysian Greg this week, yippy!  And less giddy up from cowboy Joe. 



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Reality Wrap Up – 01FEB08

Here is a recap of the reality shows I watched this week.  A few shows are ending, but we have Survivor and Big Brother coming up in February.    

American Idol – Omaha Auditions.  There some really interesting characters in Bum**ck, America and they all came out to see dim prutty lights and shiny people.  Chris Bernheisel opened the show, and he was just like OMG, the cutest thing EVER.  He was so full of happiness he was about to burst and dribble little bits of cheer all over the stage.  He brought stuffed animals for Randy and Paula, and a T-shirt for Simon to stuff himself.   

Biggest Loser – Paul and Kelly feel pangs of guilt (short lived I’m sure) for voting out Bette Sue and Ali.  The game is now an individual competition to stay, even though teams are still put below the yellow line. Bobby puts on his game face when he and Jillian have to compete in a challenge to choose up teams.  He went’ for all the heavy hitters (pun intended) and Jillian was seeing Red…opps I mean Black.  The house is once again divided into Black and Blue Teams. 

American Idol – Miami Auditions.  Half these contestants didn’t know the meaning of the word, No, so I’m not sure what language they were speaking.  Apparently they speak Delusional fluently.  Shannon McGough has won singing competitions and she is primed to take the AI title.  Too bad she sounds like a squeling pig during her audition.   BTW, the meaty references are my pathetic reference to her family’s butcher shop.  Hey, I have to try. 

 Janice Dickinson’s Modeling Agency – Janice has had it up to her lifted eye lids with Peter.  He butted in to the Ed Hardy casting and the clients are annoyed with his lack of organization.  Heads are going to roll!  But first, we get to see the models let loose in Sin City.  Just kidding, Janice has them all on a very tight leash.  JP gave Rodrigo the cold shoulder after their double date, which was the only drama.  Kehoe finally got up the never to ask Traci on a date, only to realize it was too late, Nathan got to her first. Bummer! 

Crowned – And the winner is…The show went out with a whimper, not that it came in with a roar. In fact I doubt we’ll see a Season 2 of this shockingly dull show.  You would think there would be more delicious drama with all those divas in the house, because honestly, watching the beauty pageant portion is painful and boring. 

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Reality Wrap Up – 25JAN08

Here is a recap of the reality shows I watched this week.  There is just so much TV, and so little time. 

The Amazing RaceSeason 12 Finale. TK and Rachel made it to the finish line first and won a cool million.  I have to say this season was a little dull because there were no Jonathon’s, Rob’s, or Alison’s to despise.  All the teams were pretty decent, with occasional b**chy moments.  Ronald was too hard on Christina for most of the race, but he settled down by the end.  Jennifer was mean to Nate, but I think he liked it, so who am I to judge?  TK and Rachel were mellow through the game.  I think Rachel only had one break down when she had to milk a camel.  She lost it when she realized it was boy camel.  They definitely prove that you don’t have to freak out and become a raving lunatic attacking innocent taxi drivers to win.   Congrats you two – most excellent.

 The Amazing Race - Season 12 Finale. TK and Rachel

American Idol – San Diego Auditions.  The few notable auditions included Valerie Reyes, who is Mariah Carey’s biggest fan and thought she could do the songstress proud.  Uh, not so much.  I laughed out loud when realization set in for Valerie and she said “oh my God, now I’m going to be one of the bad auditions.” At least she still has one foot planted firmly in reality. A surprisingly good audition was given by David Archuleta.  He’s only 16, but has already experienced highs and lows in during his short career, including vocal paralysis.  He seems to have recovered though because he sounded great.

David Archuleta American Idol

Biggest Loser – The house votes for a second team in the elimination room, Paul and Kelly.  Instead of going home, the yellow team must compete with the rest of the house. The other teams combine their weight lose and must have a higher percentage of weight lose to send Paul and Kelly home.  Or, Paul and Kelly can send one team packing. Before the weigh in, alliances are formed and the orange, blue and purple teams kept the team weight loss down.

American Idol – Charleston Auditions. Another Idol baby!  Oliver Highman was preparing to audition when his wife went into labor and they rushed off to find a hospital.  He made it back just in time to sing for the judges.  He didn’t make it through, but what a story to tell his baby girl.  Another couple will have an interesting story to tell their little ones.  Crystal Ortiz and Randy Stark met on the Idol web board and fell in love.  They auditioned together and while they didn’t make sweet music together, there may be a happy ending.    

American Idol – Charleston Auditions. Another Idol baby!  Oliver Highman

Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency – Janice declares the agency is fur free and brings PeTA in to show gruesome videos. The models are motivated to join in a protest on Hollywood Blvd. They strip down to underwear and Brian Kehoe moons the cops.  Janice then goes in for a tummy tuck. 

Crowned – Questions and Answers.  The girls have to host a party and display their charms. The surprise guests are all the men in their lives so the women are more charming then usual.  They then have to charm the judges during an interview.  Hollis and Gina do really well because they’re so earnest and energetic.   

Gina and Hollis Crowned

 Project Runway – The designers have to create a look using Levis.  Rami finally does a different dress using different fabrics.  Ricky finally impressed the judges but not his competition. Christian is annoyed the Ricky is still around but Kit was eliminated.  Christian just likes to talk a lot of smack.

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Reality World

Reality TV shows range from extreme competitions to career challenges. There are even more offerings for voyeuristic TV audiences, with cable and network channel offerings.   Here are just a few of our favorites:

American Idol – The Granddaddy of Talent Shows.  America’s aspiring singers vie for a recording contract and more importantly, a huge fan base. Previous winners have gone on to sell millions of albums, win awards and a few have cross over to acting.

American Idol

Survivor – It just doesn’t get any more “real” then Survivor, where contestants live and compete for $1 Million.  The players are starved, abused and all but one eliminated by consensus vote.

Amazing Race – Pairs team up to travel the globe and complete challenges; eating exotic delicacies, crossing high wires or digging for clues.  The real drama occurs between team mates who are stressed, sleep deprived and desperate to stay in the game.

Amazing Race Season 12

Big Brother – Who would imagine watching 14 houseguests living under constant surveillance could be so interesting?  During the week, contestants participate in games to win food; Head of Household or Power of Veto powers. 

Big Brother

The Real World – In its 19th season, this show puts 7 strangers in a house and gives them all the booze they can drink. All you have to is sit back and watch the shockingly bad behavior unfold.

The Hills – Lauren Conrad is all grown up and working in LA for Teen Vogue.  Girl fights ensue when BFF Heidi chooses boy toy Spencer.  

Laguna Beach & Newport Beach – The most popular high school kids, party and play.  The must pay the school geeks to do their homework, because you’ll never see these kids doing homework.

 The Real Housewives of Orange County – Grown up version of MTVs Laguna Beach.  

America’s Next Top Model – Tyra mentors wanna’ be models and critiques their performance during outrageous photo shoots.

Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency– Janice was a former judge on ANTM and capitalized on the publicity by launching her own agency. She’s at times mother or monster, caring for her charges, building them up and then tearing them down.

Kid Nation – Someone finally asked “What if Lord of the Flies was made into Reality TV?”  The result is Kid Nation – no adults and kids (aged 9 -15)

Kid Nation

The Biggest Loser – Overweight individual transform before our eyes. The results are amazing, but the biggest changes seem to happen on the inside.

Celebrity Fit Club – Overweight celebrities transform before our eyes. Or they just have major tantrums and call their agents.

I Love New York – Several men compete for New York’s affections.

I Love New York

Shot at Love with Tila Tequila – Men and women compete for Tila’s affections

Tila Tequila

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