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Reality TV Wrap Up – 05SEP08

It’s been a slow season in Reality TV World. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of shows on, just few I care to write about.  I have been blogging on Big Brother, because the drama is just too delicious.  The end is in sight now that it’s down to the final four.  


Dan went back on his deal with Ollie and back doored Michelle. Michelle was voted out and the houseguests were surprised with a double elimination week. Ollie didn’t even have a moment to plot his revenge, because Keesha won HOH and put him and Jerry on the block. Ollie was voted out, leaving Jerry in hostile territory.  Jerry’s only hope of staying in the house was to win HOH – which he did.  He went from humble pie to Hitler in about 2 seconds.  Memphis kept himself off the block when he offered Jerry a deal to go to the final two. Memphis has the same deal with Keesha and Dan.  Jerry put Keesha and Dan on the block – but when Memphis won POV he took Dan off.  Jerry was pissed but he had no choice other than putting Renny up. Renny was evicted leaving Keesha, Memphis, Dan and Jerry- the final four.  We also got to see the jury house. Libra was thrilled to see April walk in the door. I don’t think she was thrilled to see Michelle and Ollie arrive next, because now she’s really outnumbered.  Hopefully they can all get along since there’s no money at stake.  Last night Dan won HOH – all indications point to Keesha and Jerry going on the block this week.


Project Runway designers had a high fashion challenge, with guest judge Diane von Furstenberg. They had to design a 40’s inspired outfit for a tough dame, one who might travel from Berlin to Shanghai carrying military secrets. Leanne finally came out of her shell and delivered a gorgeous gown with caplet overcoat.  Stella couldn’t get her groove back working with tweed and was eliminated.


Thankfully there are plenty of my favorite shows starting in September.  


The Amazing Race premieres September 28th with more pairs battling to come in first.  I like the way the Amazing Race picks all sorts of pairs, couples, friends, parents and children and even divorced couples. It’s interesting to see how they all interact. 


Survivor Gabon premieres September 25th and it promises to be another exciting season. The competition is back in Africa, with competitors from all walks of life. That’s what makes this show so interesting – the cultural clashes and buried prejudices.  Although I still think the last few seasons the players have had it too easy, with fruit & fish – some of them actually gained weight!  If they’re going to get a million bucks, they should have to suffer and starve!   Now that’s entertainment.


Speaking of suffering and starving – my absolute favorite Reality TV Diva, Janice Dickinson is back!  I absolute adore her. Sure, she’s brash and bossy, obnoxious, annoying and downright rude – but she’s also honest, motherly and smart.  You have to admire a woman who overcame personal hardships, sexual abuse and alcoholism, to rise to the top of the modeling industry.  Whether you love her or hate her, you have to admit Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency is addictive TV!  I’m so happy to see my favorite models again: JP Calderone, CC Fontana and Traci Moslenko.  JP is just as sweet as ever (sweet eye candy too) and CC still looks up to Janice and wants to please her.  Traci has gotten a little pudgy in her off time and she’s gotten an agent with hopes of getting into film. Neither of which went over well with Janice.  In fact, this week Janice told her she had 2 wks to get her bod in shape and commit to modeling or she’s cut from the agency.  CC also got on Janice’s bad side when she showed up an hour late to a photo shoot.  There are also new faces in the crowd, including Xian Mikol who is drop dead gorgeous, Chandler Maness and Polina Tretiakova.  Xian and Chandler have a mutual attraction while Polina and Maurice Townsell are flirting too. Just to turn up the heat, these hotties are living in the same house with Mama Janice watching their every move.  


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The Mole

The Mole NBC

The Mole is coming back this summer.  I am doing a happy dance, even while I type these words.  

Sure, the Celebrity Mole was cheesy and lame, and probably the inspiration behind The Surreal Life, Celebrity Fat Club and a dozen other cheesy and lame “Celebrity” reality shows.

Celebrity Mole

But let’s not judge too soon. The original was great fun and the show kept me guessing about the Mole’s identity right up until the finale.  Even after the Mole was revealed, I had my doubts.

The Mole Season 1

For those of you unfamiliar with the Mole (gasp! I can hardly consider the possibility); it is a cross between
Amazing Race and a game of Clue. There is one saboteur to the group; their mission is to prevent the team from banking cash for successfully completed missions.  It should be easy to pick out the culprit, but every signal player makes a bone headed move at some point, so they are all suspect.  

Individuals then take a quiz with personal trivia questions, related to the Mole.  Whoever gets the lowest score is eliminated. Not only do the players have to compete in challenges; they have make note of what the other players are eating, wearing and doing.  

Sadly, Anderson Cooper won’t be back so maybe it won’t be as good as the original.  But I’ll watch nonetheless.

Anderson Cooper

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Reality World

Reality TV shows range from extreme competitions to career challenges. There are even more offerings for voyeuristic TV audiences, with cable and network channel offerings.   Here are just a few of our favorites:

American Idol – The Granddaddy of Talent Shows.  America’s aspiring singers vie for a recording contract and more importantly, a huge fan base. Previous winners have gone on to sell millions of albums, win awards and a few have cross over to acting.

American Idol

Survivor – It just doesn’t get any more “real” then Survivor, where contestants live and compete for $1 Million.  The players are starved, abused and all but one eliminated by consensus vote.

Amazing Race – Pairs team up to travel the globe and complete challenges; eating exotic delicacies, crossing high wires or digging for clues.  The real drama occurs between team mates who are stressed, sleep deprived and desperate to stay in the game.

Amazing Race Season 12

Big Brother – Who would imagine watching 14 houseguests living under constant surveillance could be so interesting?  During the week, contestants participate in games to win food; Head of Household or Power of Veto powers. 

Big Brother

The Real World – In its 19th season, this show puts 7 strangers in a house and gives them all the booze they can drink. All you have to is sit back and watch the shockingly bad behavior unfold.

The Hills – Lauren Conrad is all grown up and working in LA for Teen Vogue.  Girl fights ensue when BFF Heidi chooses boy toy Spencer.  

Laguna Beach & Newport Beach – The most popular high school kids, party and play.  The must pay the school geeks to do their homework, because you’ll never see these kids doing homework.

 The Real Housewives of Orange County – Grown up version of MTVs Laguna Beach.  

America’s Next Top Model – Tyra mentors wanna’ be models and critiques their performance during outrageous photo shoots.

Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency– Janice was a former judge on ANTM and capitalized on the publicity by launching her own agency. She’s at times mother or monster, caring for her charges, building them up and then tearing them down.

Kid Nation – Someone finally asked “What if Lord of the Flies was made into Reality TV?”  The result is Kid Nation – no adults and kids (aged 9 -15)

Kid Nation

The Biggest Loser – Overweight individual transform before our eyes. The results are amazing, but the biggest changes seem to happen on the inside.

Celebrity Fit Club – Overweight celebrities transform before our eyes. Or they just have major tantrums and call their agents.

I Love New York – Several men compete for New York’s affections.

I Love New York

Shot at Love with Tila Tequila – Men and women compete for Tila’s affections

Tila Tequila

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