Reality Wrap Up – 03APR09

The Biggest Loser – These week we lots of faces from the past.  Allison had her baby, so Ali and Michelle both showed up to host.  And the show brought back Estella, Nicole and David, who didn’t have a chance to come back to the ranch earlier. The biggest loser of the three got to come back into the game, and won immunity. But wait, there’s a catch. They only have immunity if they don’t gain any weight in the first week.  Nicole was the biggest loser of the bunch, losing 87 pounds at home.  In fact, she was nearly the biggest loser of all players, second only to Tara.  Tara was happy to have another competitor in the house, to take the target off her back for a least a couple of weeks.  The biggest event on the show was Ron being rushed to the hospital with chest pains and dizziness. Turns out he had a bleeding ulcer in the part of his belly bypassed by surgery.  He was able to come back into for the weigh in, but since they pumped him full of fluids, he wasn’t very optimistic about the results. Sure enough, he gained weight (3) and so did Laura (1) but the real shocker was Nicole. She gained 5 pounds and lost her immunity.  She and Ron fell below the yellow line.  Filipe exacted a little revenge on Ron, voting for his once-upon-a-time ally.  Sione followed suit and showed just how pity they both can be. Ultimately Kristin stayed true blue to her crew and sent Nicole back home.  I bet she wished she had just stayed home to start with.


American Idol – This should have been a kick ass week, since the singers could pick any song for iTunes. They really had a chance to showcase their skills and show America what kind of artist they’ll be. Instead, several picked classics and aimed to give them a contemporary spin. Scott played piano like his idol Billy Joel and Adam got funky with Wild Cherry.  Lil surprised me when she picked a song by Celine Dion instead of more current artist, like Mary J. Blige or Mariah.  The only ones who stepped into this decade were Matt (The Fray), Allison (No Doubt) and Danny (Rascal Flatts).  But the one who refused to conform, Megan Joy Corkrey, was sent home. She sang “Turn Your Lights Down Low” by Bob Marley and refused to apologize for the song choice when the judges blasted her. She was even defiant on results night which earned her a one way ticket back to Utah.


Survivor – Finally back after two week break.  Well technically it was only one week, but recap shows just don’t count.  Anyhow, we join the Survivors where we last left off…with Coach annoying his tribe mates. This time there was bean burning blame heaped on his plate.  Though it seemed like the great bean incident blew over quickly (we can only hope).  Timbera won a challenge and got to eat meat as reward. They also got to send a member of Jalapao to Exile. Finally giving Taj a break, they sent Joe packing. Joe picked Erinn to keep him company; sure he could charm her into betraying her tribe.  She did share the clue about the immunity idol hidden back at camp, so maybe some of that charm paid off.  Taj and Stephen replaced the original idol with a fake, to throw Joe off their scent. They also brought JT into the alliance, confiding they had the idol.  The immunity challenge was a close race, but Timbera won again.  Joe promised Sydney he’d take her to the merge, not realizing he was odd man out in his tribe. He suggested they send Taj home and met resistance from Taj’s alliance; Stephen and JT.  In the end Sydney was eliminated and Joe had a lot of thinking to do.



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