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Reality Wrap Up – 14MAR09

The Biggest Loser – OMG! Now I know why the producers left us hanging last week with Mike’s weigh in. There was just too much show to cram into one week: much like chicken fingers and Filipe’s mouth.  Wait – I’m getting ahead of myself. 


First off, Mike lost 11 pounds and secured everyone’s place in the house for another week.  Before they have a chance to celebrate, Allison takes them outside for another challenge. The players will have to squat against the wall to win the power of teaming up the Blue Team and the Black Team. The next weigh in will be a face off, with each player weighing in against one player on the other team.  Not too surprisingly Tara won the challenge and the right to pair off the players.  The Black Team is high on back to back to back wins and getting pretty darn cocky. 


They also won the reward challenge, a relay race through the gym.  As a reward the Black Team got 24 Hours of Luxury.  They went Buck Wild.  Laura was drinking shots of tequila.  Helen was smoking and Filipe….oh boy….Filipe ordered up a platter of chicken fingers and French fries. 


The next morning, hung over and shame faced, the Black Team went back to the ranch and had to face the wrath of Jillian.  Jillian let them have it, but in the middle of her rant, Filipe started to fight back.  He was mad that Jillian didn’t work him out during the last chance workout.  Whaaaaaaaa.  After his little tantrum, he and Sione ran back to Bob (who was soaking it up like a smug sponge).  They’re still on the Black Team, but they refuse to work out with Jillian, so the Blue Team, who desperately needs Bob’s attention is sharing him with their rivals. All so Bob can get a little ego bust and Filipe doesn’t have to be accountable for his chicken finger binge.


Now you would think that if the world were just and fair, the Blackies would pay for their behavior at the weigh in, but the world is neither just nor fair. The Blue Team lost again and this time Mandi was sent packing.


American Idol – The idols perform MJ hits, which the judges usually advise against.  I don’t get this show sometimes. Oh Well.  Lil Rounds was great.  No surprise there, this is right up her genre.  Scott MacIntyre finally got to tickle the keys.  He looked more comfortable this week, sitting down at the piano, but he didn’t sound great.  Danny Gokey delivered a solid performance.  He certainly won’t lose any fans this week.  Michael Sarver is setting himself up as the sole country performer this year, which is a smart move.  He won’t have to share those votes with anyone else.  Unlike Jasmine Murray who can’t find her voice or audience and was eliminated.  Jorge Nunez should have gotten more support from the Latin community, but he was eliminated too.  Adam Lambert is too dramatic for my taste.  But he oozes sex appeal and that’s going to appeal to girls and boys alike.  Anoop Desai was underwhelming singing pop anthem “Beat It.” Allison Iraheta and Alexis Grace are surprising standouts.


Survivor – Taj found the idol back at Jalapao’s camp and gave it to Stephen for safe keeping.  Little does she know he’s already plotting ways to keep the little bugger for himself.  The reward challenge was fun, watching the players spin on platforms then navigate a balance beam while dizzy. Jalapao won a relaxing afternoon at the Charmin café, complete with coffee, Danish, toilet paper and letters from home.  They didn’t do so well in the immunity challenge though.  Taj got a little mouthy with Joe and it looked like she might be the next to go, but in the end Spencer was sent packing. 




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Reality Wrap Up 27FEB09

Biggest Loser – The couples learn they’ll be split into two teams, the Blues (Bob) and the Blacks (Jillian). But first, they have to compete for their trainer, doing 100 up/downs in the mud.  Whoever wins will get to keep their trainer, but the other pairs have their fate decided with the flip of a coin.


Sione seemed like a ringer for this challenge, but once again, Tara proved she is a Warrior!  That girl is Russell Crowe, Gladiator tough.  She and Laura stayed together and stayed will Jillian. The other pairs weren’t so lucky. Sione, Filipe, Mike and Helen switched from Bob’s team to Jillian’s.  Kristin, Cathy and Ron stayed with Bob, but Mandi, Aubrey and Dane weren’t too happy about their new team.  


Bob was the unhappiest of them all, seeing his hopes of finally winning a season go up in smoke.  The new teams didn’t have much time to get settled in before they had to compete in a 24 hour bike-a-thon.  Half way through the night, the Blue Team, lead by Mandi and Aubrey, offered a truce to the Blacks but Sione wanted to finish the challenge. His determination got everyone fired up.


Biggest Loser – Part Duex – Weigh ins on Wednesday.  Dane lost a whopping 13 pounds.  Now that he’s on the Blue team I bet Bob is happy he wasn’t voted out.  He has lost 100 pounds in 8 weeks – the fastest any player has lost 100 pounds.  I would dare to say the fastest any PERSON has lost 100 pounds. That’s insane! 

Cathy was the Biggest Loser on the Blue Team, with 14 pounds.  

Kristin and Mike each lost 10 pounds. Mike better step it up because Kristin is kicking his butt. 

Everybody on the Blue Team had decent numbers, from 5, 7, 8, to 14 pounds but it wasn’t enough to beat the Blacks.  Dane was sent home, packaging a lot less baggage for his return trip.


American Idol – The second set of 13 performed. Is it just me or are these contestants even worse than seasons past?  I don’t know if it’s because I’ve forgotten how shaky everyone is the first time they perform or if it’s because of all the hype that this is the BEST season EVER.  I’m trying to keep an open mind, despite appalling performances.  Even my faves, Jasmine, Matt and Kai were disappointments.  Kris, Allison and Megan were pleasant surprises. 

American Idol – Results night – Ugh!  Does any one actually like the group performances or guest performances from past season rejects?  Just give us the results – Kris, Adam and Allison made it through.  Now was that so hard?  I was bummed that Matt Breitzke and Megan Joy Corkrey didn’t make it through, but there’s always wild card night.  Right?

Survivor – So much drama, so little time.  Coach is proving to be quite the prima donna. When Timbira loses another reward challenge, he had a little temper tantrum.  He called it a primal yell, I call it a hissy fit.  And he wasn’t done yet.  Back at camp Erinn realized Jerry was sick and saw a reprieve.  Coach caught her grinning and was ready to burn her evil ass at the stake.  When Timbira lost the reward challenge, Jalapao got to send one member to Exile and they picked Brandon.  He grabbed his girl Taj and off they went to collect more clues to the hidden immunity idol.  At the immunity challenge, Timbira’s losing streak kept going strong. Jerry couldn’t fake feeling well and his tribe considered him too weak to stay and play another day.

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