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Reality TV Wrap Up 18APR08

Biggest Loser had a big finale and the first female winner.  The contestants looked amazing.  Especially Bernie, Brittany, Ali and Kelly. Roger, Mark and Dan all looked about the same as when they left campus.  They lost a lot of weight, but it just wasn’t as dramatic as the others.  I was so impressed with Kelly throughout the show. She was an underdog throughout the competition and she made it to the end.  Paul didn’t show up due to illness.


Big Brother – Sheila won HOH (well, sort of) and she was able to pull of her objective of ousting Natalie (well, sort of) thus securing her place in the final three (well, you know). The boys, Ryan and Adam had plans of their own. They called out Natalie in a house meeting, forcing her to choose a side once and for all. Since only the boys were voting she naturally declared her allegiance to them.  Then they split the vote and let Sheila do the dirty work.  Ryan won HOH and stayed true to his buddy Adam, nominating Sharon and Sheila.


American Idol had a diva-licious night with Mariah Carey mentoring the young wannabe’s.  The best line of the night was Paula declaring Mariah can be proud of the legacy she’s left for all the young singers coming up.  I don’t think Mariah realized she was an older singer yet. David Cook received a standing O from Randy. David Archuleta and Jason Castro also had strong nights.  As usual, Simon was particularly tuff on Carly Smithson. He softened the blows when he explained it was tough love.  Kristy Lee Cook was booted, but I’m sure she’ll have a brilliant career in Branson.


Survivor is always unpredictable and this week proved it once again. Jason bargained away an opportunity for individual immunity when he was offered sweets, pizza and beer for himself and the tribe.  Despite everyone’s promise to keep him another week, Ozzy, Amanda, James and Erik had every intention of voting him off the island.  Instead, Cirie turned things around and made a play to pull out Ozzy’s immunity idol.  Ozzy was too comfortable with his tribe and didn’t play the idol. He was voted out.  James is finally off the hook as the dumbest player in history.  They’re at least tied.


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Reality Wrap Up 11APR08


Biggest Loser is nearing the end. There are just four contestants remaining: Roger, Mark, Ali and Kelly.  Usually the final four have one more elimination before they go home and starve themselves in anticipation of the final weigh in. This year, America will decide who is eliminated.  Roger and Mark fell below the yellow line, so they’re in jeopardy.  This week had the biggest weight loss numbers since the beginning of the show, and both Roger and Ali broke show records.  Roger has lost the most weight on campus (beating out Neal by 1 pound) and Ali has lost the most weight of any female competitor while on campus.  I can hardly wait for the finale Tuesday night.  It is jaw dropping to see the players return; they’re barely recognizable.  I’m rooting for Kelly, just because she’s been the underdog the entire season.


Big Brother 9 – Adam won HOH after Joshuah’s eviction.  Natalie and Ryan were jumping for joy because they have another shot at getting rid of James.  James is cracking under the stress and isolation. He breaks down and cries a few times, including a heart wrenching plea to Adam.  James begs for a chance to redeem himself, and Adam gives it to him. Sharon and Sheila go up on the block, which pisses everyone off.  Adam wonders if he did the wrong thing, but it’s too late to do anything about it.  Ryan won the POV and Sharon off the block, so James went up anyway.  He was evicted.  We finally got a chance to see Matt, Chelsia and Joshuah in sequester.  I hope they show James’ arrival Sunday night.  Chelsia is going to have a fit.  The HOH competition is an endurance challenge, so we won’t know who won until Sunday. 


(Spoiler Alert – Sheila won HOH so it’s anyone’s guess who she’ll put up.)


American Idol –The contestants had to selection songs that inspired them and they had surprisingly uninspired performances.  Jason Castro, David Archuleta and Syesha Mercado had strong performances, but the rest were just so so.  Maybe everyone was stressed and overworked because they had to perform for American Idol gives back too.  Michael John’s was eliminated, to a chorus of boos from the audience.  I personally think the ascot was his undoing. 


Survivor – The tribes merge and the men compare who has the biggest….stick.  Ozzy planted a fake immunity idol which Jason took for real. When it looked like Eliza was going to be voted out, he offered her the idol.  They planned to blindside Ozzy at tribal council, but things didn’t quite work out.  Eliza realized right away that the idol was a fake.  It was too late for her to save herself, but she played the idol so she could call Ozzy out at tribal council.  This was one of the funniest episodes EVER!


Beauty and the Geek – I haven’t watched the episode yet, but I did find a great recap @  Looks like we’ll get to see more of Gaysian Greg this week, yippy!  And less giddy up from cowboy Joe. 



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