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Big Brother 9

Big Brother 9 premieres February 12. Guess I know what I’ll be doing that night. I’ll be watching the Beautiful and the Plastic….no hints on who’s who. For those of you who can’t wait another week for a sneak peek, here’s a look at the incoming houseguests.


































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Reality Wrap Up – 01FEB08

Here is a recap of the reality shows I watched this week.  A few shows are ending, but we have Survivor and Big Brother coming up in February.    

American Idol – Omaha Auditions.  There some really interesting characters in Bum**ck, America and they all came out to see dim prutty lights and shiny people.  Chris Bernheisel opened the show, and he was just like OMG, the cutest thing EVER.  He was so full of happiness he was about to burst and dribble little bits of cheer all over the stage.  He brought stuffed animals for Randy and Paula, and a T-shirt for Simon to stuff himself.   

Biggest Loser – Paul and Kelly feel pangs of guilt (short lived I’m sure) for voting out Bette Sue and Ali.  The game is now an individual competition to stay, even though teams are still put below the yellow line. Bobby puts on his game face when he and Jillian have to compete in a challenge to choose up teams.  He went’ for all the heavy hitters (pun intended) and Jillian was seeing Red…opps I mean Black.  The house is once again divided into Black and Blue Teams. 

American Idol – Miami Auditions.  Half these contestants didn’t know the meaning of the word, No, so I’m not sure what language they were speaking.  Apparently they speak Delusional fluently.  Shannon McGough has won singing competitions and she is primed to take the AI title.  Too bad she sounds like a squeling pig during her audition.   BTW, the meaty references are my pathetic reference to her family’s butcher shop.  Hey, I have to try. 

 Janice Dickinson’s Modeling Agency – Janice has had it up to her lifted eye lids with Peter.  He butted in to the Ed Hardy casting and the clients are annoyed with his lack of organization.  Heads are going to roll!  But first, we get to see the models let loose in Sin City.  Just kidding, Janice has them all on a very tight leash.  JP gave Rodrigo the cold shoulder after their double date, which was the only drama.  Kehoe finally got up the never to ask Traci on a date, only to realize it was too late, Nathan got to her first. Bummer! 

Crowned – And the winner is…The show went out with a whimper, not that it came in with a roar. In fact I doubt we’ll see a Season 2 of this shockingly dull show.  You would think there would be more delicious drama with all those divas in the house, because honestly, watching the beauty pageant portion is painful and boring. 

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Survivor: Micronesia


Of all the reality shows on TV these days, Survivor is the grand daddy.  Survivor: Micronesia , Fans versus Favorites, will be the 16th installment of the series.  Mark Burnett has had a few other successful shows, but none compare to this proven winner.  In fact, CBS signed up for two more seasons, which is happy news for die hard fans. Somehow, the harsh conditions, difficult challenges, blood thirsty contestants, never get old. 


The Fans 

Alexis Jones (24) A Motivational Speaker and Image Consultant originally from Austin, TX.   

Chet Welch (48) Pharmaceutical Customer Service Rep; Beauty pageant coach.  Watch for underhanded tricks from this seasoned pro – he has coached the most ruthless competitors ever, beauty queens. Eek! 

Erik Reichenbach (22) Artist and student of Eastern Michigan University.  He’s single and lives with two cats and a corn snake, so he should feel right at home. 

Jason Siska (20) Student teacher and Gymnastics Coach 

Joel Anderson (32) Avondale Fireman.  No doubt, he’ll heat things up. 

Kathy Sleckman (45) Golf Course Employee, Illinois. 

Mary Sartain (29) Loan Broker 

Michael Bortone (33) Writer/Actor 

Natalie Bolton (31) Model, personal trainer, bartender from Houston, Texas 

Tracy Hughes-Wolf (43) Home builder 


The Faves 

Ami Cusack (34) Nanny, last seen on Survivor Vanuatu leading the charge of Amazon women versus men. When the men finally came to camp in the merge, the alliance crumbled and a man, Chris, was the sole survivor.

Cirie Fields (35) Nurse, Panama

Eliza Orlins (25) Law Student, Vanuatu

James Clement (30) Grave Digger and contestant of Survivor China.  He had two immunity idols and was still voted out.  I bet he won’t hesitate to use immunity this time around.

Jonathan Penner (35) A TV writer/producer who got plenty of material after his brief stay on Cook Islands.

Jonny Fairplay (33) Infamous Pearl Island villain whose career is now “Reality Show Contestant”.  He just became a new daddy (mommy is fellow Reality TV wanna be ….)  I wonder if we’ll see a sweeter side of this despicable dude.

Ozzy Lusth (26) Photographer and writer.  During Cook Islands’ challenges, he displayed impressive swimming and climbing skills. 

Parvati Shallow (25) Waitress and Model. She took flirting to win on Cook Islands to new heights, but flirting when you smell like a monkey can only take you so far

.Yau-Man Chan (55) IT geek who kept the car curse alive, even though  he didn’t keep the car. 

Amanda Kimmel (23) She played second fiddle to master mind Todd in China, but maybe this season she’ll finish first.

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