Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency – Alexis Hutt

For those of you who remember Janice Dickinson when she was a judge for America’s Next Top Model, you know how brutal she can be.  She left Tyra’s shadow to open a modeling agency in LA and has all the drama filmed for the reality TV show, Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency.  Janice is still outspoken, uncensored and bitchy; but we also get to see a more vulnerable side.   

Janice is THE boss from hell, but she is also very maternal and protective of her models. It’s a strange mix, but I really do respect the way she spoke to Alexis Hutt. Alexis is a new model with the agency and from the first casting, she had scars, burns and bruises all over her body. Janice asked her on day one if she was a cutter, and Alexis denied it.  Her excuse for all the injuries was being a “Tom Boy” from the sticks. 

Alexis Hutt

The issue came up again at a swimsuit shoot, and Alexis claimed to have been in a car accident. Until Janice got right in her face as told her to ask if she needed help.   Alexis confessed she did cut when was a young teenager, saying “Sometimes children don’t know how to handle the trauma that happened in their life.”  Janice said her own father was a bad guy, a pedophile who molested Janice’s sister. Janice got tough to deal with her past, and now Alexis needs to work her way through it. It’s so sad to see such a shy, pretty girl hurting herself, replacing the hurt she’s experienced all her life.    

According to Cool Nurse  “…self-injury seems to function as a coping mechanism. “Cutters” use self-harm to feel calm, “in control,” or just to “feel something.”  However, self-injury is not a healthy coping mechanism – it is a self-destructive behavior that probably reflects deeper, more complicated mental health or personal problems.”

 This may be one of the most personal and important revelations to be seen on a reality TV show.  Others girls, who have thought they’re alone will see Alexis and know they’re not. I hope Alexis is able to confront the issues that haunt her and maybe even speak about her struggles someday.   Here are few resources for those interested in learning more or seeking help: 

1-800 DON’T-CUT (800-366-8288) 

What is Self Injury site devoted to understanding Self Injury, causes and treatments.

Web Board to talk with others, share and seek help.



  1. jessica said

    because it’s only sad when a shy, pretty girl does it, right?

  2. lisaj66 said

    No, it’s sad period. I just don’t know others who do it. And no matter who it is, as an outsider I can say “it’s so sad because they have this going for them or that going for them” I don’t pretend to know what it’s like to self injure and until I saw the show, I didn’t think about the reasons for it. That’s why I think the show was valuable, because at least it starts the conversation.

  3. Kelly said

    I think its so sad to see Alexis struggle with cutting. But, im glad it has been brought to light. I myself suffered with self mutilation and even though Im not ancient, I think, at 35, when I was going thru this, not many people talked about it. i was ashamed but then relieved to know that others suffered like I did. it made the shame go away and now I dont cut anymore. I do worry though, my 11yr old niece hurts herself. Its a way to vent and to deal with the pressure and pain all around u. I thought it was better to hurt myself than hurt someone else.

  4. lisaj66 said

    Thanks for sharing. I think that is the only way other girls will know that they aren’t alone. We all have different ways of coping with our pain, but self mutilation is still a taboo topic and misunderstood.

  5. Jace said

    Does anyone know where I could find photos of Alexis Hutt? Besides above one. I love her hair and want to get it cut like that, but I can’t seem to find a pic of her anywhere!

  6. lisaj66 said

    There’s another photo @ icebarrel.com


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